Hey, I’m AK Brown – The Fashion Connector!

As a fashion expert, thought leader, and connection maker! I am here to educate fashion creatives, entrepreneurs, and brands through connections, services, and insights.

I use my journey in the industry to inspire others, and help them find their place and be successful!.

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The ultimate multifaceted fashionpreneur, I’m here to help you and cheer you on in your journey!

Fashion is truly my passion, and my goal is to inspire others in the industry, and to help them achieve their version of success

Fashion friends, look – I get it. This is a massive industry ($1.7 trillion to be exact) and finding your purpose or clarity in what you’re supposed to do is hard. Take it from me, I’ve been there, done that, and still finding my way.

As a 10 year fashionpreneur and the ultimate multifaceted fashionpreneur, I’m here to say it’s ok! If you want to open a boutique and be a stylist, or start your professional career as a buyer, I want to be that cheerleader for you!

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