5 Online Fashion Certificates to Help Boost Your Career!

If COVID taught us anything, it taught us that the fashion industry needed a complete revamp and makeover. Our industry was one of the hardest hit, and now with COVID being our “new normal” our industry has completely changed. Like many others, I decided to further my education and explore online certifications during COVID that would enhance my fashion career and introduce me to others (like tech) because it was either that, or drink lol. But in all seriousness – I found so many courses and resources that have a curriculum centered around where our industry is now post pandemic and how we are shaping it for the future. If you’re looking to add on to your fashion degree and really stand out, especially in this new and improved market – I’ve compiled 5 fashion certificates that are show to help boost your fashion career!

Below descriptions provided by course details. Full course description available on course page

Fashion Retail Transformation

Parsons School of Design At The New School – Parsons faculty and industry experts dive deep into the transformation of fashion retail. You’ll explore the fusion of retail and entertainment and the increasing importance of omnichannel client relationships. Through an examination of disruptive retail innovations, such as on-demand delivery and virtual reality, you’ll learn how industry leaders are keeping up with customer expectations. You’ll look at e-commerce strategies through the lens of listening to and applying customer feedback and how brands stay relevant in the direct-to-consumer marketplace. Finally, you’ll consider the post-COVID consumer and how e-commerce and remote clienteling can be leveraged within the fashion business to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Management of Fashion & Luxury Companies

University of Bocconi – Learn how fashion and luxury companies work and understand their brands, products, retail, and communication strategies. Travel through business models, international development, and product categories with industry influent experts.

Sustainable Fashion

Copenhagen Business School – In this course, we provide an overview of business model theory and discuss business models as essential tools in the transformation towards more sustainable businesses. Throughout the course, we will use business model theory as a foundation to look at how real-world fashion brands are adopting more sustainable ways of doing business. We will provide you with a rich opportunity to examine their efforts and consider strategies for your own organisation. Hopefully, you can also enlighten us with some local examples in your own countries for us to discover together new ways of dealing with sustainability.

Fashion Systems

Parsons School of Design At The New School – The fashion business has grown from the storied Parisian houses of the early 20th century into a global phenomenon. It is highly complex, multi-faceted, and undergoing reinvention. In this course, you will learn about long-standing factors that impact the existing fashion system such as consumption, inclusion, and labor. You’ll explore the “slow fashion” movement, look at holistic and human-centric product development strategies, and build a brand story with core values at its heart. Finally, you’ll consider sustainability and environmental responsibility throughout the fashion design and production processes.

Digital Fashion Innovation

Parsons School of Design At The New School x The Digital Fashion Group Academy – In this specialization, we examine the revolution of the fashion industry as it has set course towards a more digital and sustainable future. Through three different courses, you will not only look creatively at the ways technology can combat industry-wide challenges in fashion, but actively explore avenues to join the effort to create a more ethical fashion future. This specialization is designed for fashion professionals who are embracing the Digital Transformation of society and digitalization in fashion and want to play a part in it. A background of at least 2 years of experience working in the fashion industry with a focus in the fields of design, buying, production, marketing, or education is recommended.

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