Closet Cleanout Services


$100 (3 hours of cleaning/organizing.  Clothes donation/haul away additional $25)-$50 until the end of June

*Closet Haul Services will resume May 18th in accordance to the stay at home order lift in St. Louis City/County.  Given circumstances caused by COVID-19, limited appts will be booked per week for safety measures.  Once payment has been received you will be scheduled according to the guidelines above.  Thank you for your continued business!


Closet Hauls are essential in keeping order in your home, especially if you’re a fashion enthusiast like me!

My closet haul services include cleaning out your entire closet and going through with you what you realistically want to keep.  Based on the space available, your closet will be reorganized in order to make it work for you and your lifestyle!  I also offer clothes haul services so you don’t have to deal with getting rid of your unwanted clothing!




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