Fashion Feature Friday: Meet Brittany Diego of Fashion Mentor!

brittany diego fashion mentor celebrity fashion stylist

Happy Friday fashion fam! We are back with another Fashion Feature Friday and today I am featuring literally one of my inspirations – Brittany Diego of Fashion Mentor!!!!!

Brittany was just recently featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 list and her work has been featured at red carpet events like the Oscars and Emmys as well as countless celebrity clients. Brittany was flooded with requests for career advice from aspiring stylists, however, having experienced firsthand the lack of resources and mentorship in the industry due to the competitive nature of the business, she decided to launch her then-blog, Fashion Mentor, in 2018.The blog has since evolved into a career-development platform with an online Fashion Stylist Academy and annual Fashion Stylist Summit where students have gone on to have their work featured on major red carpets like the Grammys, assisted at the MET Gala, and have styled magazine covers, TV shows and more. Most recently, Brittany is the author of the book “The Fashion Stylist Blueprint” where she breaks down all of her industry insider knowledge to the next generation of fashion stylists.  

Why did you decide to get into the fashion industry?

I fell in love with fashion when I was 10 years old and never looked back. To me, fashion is the ultimate form of self expression and being able to create looks gave me a sense of confidence and empowerment and I wanted to be able to give that feeling to other people.

brittany diego fashion mentor celebrity fashion stylist

What are some things you have planned for your business that you want to promote to my audience?

I am taking my hands-on Styling Masterclass on tour! I am excited to reach more aspiring fashion stylists and teach them how to not only break into the fashion industry but navigate it and thrive. If you’re an aspiring fashion stylist interested in learning more, you can find all the details here:

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone looking to enter this industry?

Know your “why”. You need to have a reason for wanting to be in this industry beyond just liking clothes and fashion/style because let me tell you – you will be tested and tried. There will be times when you are not motivated, but when you have a strong reason for being in the industry you will use that as the fuel to push you to keep going and continue putting out your best work.

brittany diego fashion mentor celebrity fashion stylist

What is something you want to change about the fashion industry?

Definitely how Black creatives are treated; even after everyone posted those black squares in 2020 there is still a lot of work to be done as far as us being treated equally and getting our rightful opportunities.

I absolutely love everything Brittany is doing, and someone I look up to as a fellow stylist coach! Make sure to tap in with Brittany, follow, and check out her styling tour!

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