#HautePR: How To Write A Fashion Press Release That Will Get You Published!

how to write a fashion press release

Are you a fashion brand or entrepreneur who’s ready for the press but can’t afford a publicist? I get it – trust me.

As a fashion consultant who not only specializes in PR but who also used to own a boutique fashion PR company, I know first hand how much a publicist costs. On the cheap end, you can spend anywhere from $400-600 a month for a retained publicist. For small fashion brands, even ones who are making a profit – that can be a lot. That can be a decision between opting in for a publicist and buying supplies. And what people don’t realize is – PRESS IS NOT GUARANTEED! You can get a publicist and they can use their best strategies and best media contacts and you still may not get featured. So the question is – how can you do your own PR as a fashion brand/business?

With my new blog series #HautePR my goal is to help the fashion entrepreneur by showing how to do your own public relations. I’ve done it for myself and have been featured in numerous outlets, including Fashion Bomb Daily, St. Louis Magazine, & Popsugar! And today – we’re diving into how to create your own fashion press release that will get you featured!

What Is A Press Release?

A press release is an official news statement for members of the media (like journalists and editors) about a brand, business, or event. Said press release is sent to members of the media in hopes of leading to feature opportunities, such as interviews and write ups.

Why Is A Press Release Important For A Fashion Business?

Press releases serve great importance for fashion brands because it helps get the news out of the amazing things going on in your business into the hands of people that can promote and magnify that information. Yes, social media helps get fashion brands noticed, but PR is still a driving force in those efforts as well. Think of it like this – Vogue has so many rotating fashion writers and editors, and simply sending information about your brand to Vogue’s general email is not going to get you noticed. But by connecting to one of Vogue’s writers who covers the content in the niche that your fashion brand falls under, you have more of a chance to make a connection with that writer in hopes of getting featured. That information has to be put into a well-written document – hints why every fashion brand needs a press release!

So how the hell do you make one? A good press release consists of the following:

A Catchy Headline

Just like with any blog post, magazine article, anything worth reading – the headline should be catchy and want the journalist or editor to know more about what is going to be in the body of the press release. I suggest using (within reason) appropriate adjectives within your headline to make it really pop. For example: instead of just saying “New Boutique to Open in St. Louis” you can say something like “New Luxury Boutique to Open in St. Louis”, “New Sustainable Driven Boutique to Open in St. Louis”, or “New Avant-Garde Focused Boutique to Open in St. Louis”. Set the vibe and the tone at the beginning with your headline.

To The Point First Sentence

Don’t beat around the bush – get down to business quick. The goal of a press release is to make the journalist or editor want to feature you and your brand – simple. They get hundreds of inquiries on a weekly basis and they can’t run stories on everyone. The point of the first sentence is to summarize the body of the press release.

Short, Concise, & Informative Body

Press releases should not exceed one page, and the context of the press release should tell what’s news/press-worthy without having to dig for clues. A few background details of the person or business, relevant quotes, date/times if it’s an event happening are examples of what to include in your body – cut out the fluff and get straight to the point.

Bomb Boilerplate

A boilerplate is also known as an “about us” statement. This is a one-paragraph statement at the bottom of your press release about the person, business, or brand. You could take your about me section from your website and include it here in the boilerplate. This is your opportunity to include crucial details about your business that will stand out and speak to the journalist or editor. If you’re writing multiple press releases – the boilerplate essentially can stay the same, so simply copy and paste between different press releases or save it in your press release template.

Final Note/Contact Info

Last but definitely the most important, including a “final note” and contact information for if a journalist/editor wants to reach out for more information. This is similar to your CTA (call to action) for a press release. Include your website and if you’re acting as your own publicist – I would recommend specifying the email subject someone should use when reaching out about your story. Even if you’re handling the PR emails yourself, still state your name as the PR rep. For example “If you would like more information please visit www.akbrownstl.com. For press inquiries please contact Name of Press Contact: AK Brown PR Email: hello@akbrownstl.com – Subject “Black in STL Fashion Feature” (from my own press release).

Outside of a few aesthetic details that differentiate between publicists and their individual tastes (like where to put contact information, adding company logo, etc), this is the complete layout on how to create a fashion press release that is going to convert your efforts into media opportunities!

As The Fashion Connector – I hope this lifts some weight off of your shoulders fashionpreneur, because I’m here to help you and watch you succeed! As another gift – I’ve outlined all of the above into an easy, customizable template! Simply plug in your details and you’re ready to pitch your brand!

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