brand styling for the hauteboss

personalized brand styling services for professional and creative men & women!

My 3 Signature Services

Brand Image Identity


As your brand stylist, my job is to help you understand what your brand means in correlation to how that’s perceived in your everyday image. In discovering your brand image identity, we will explore key attributes of your brand, how you want to represent those attributes in your image, and what steps we need to take to achieve your desired look. This does include:

-1 hour of closet reviewing/editing

-1 hour of personal shopping

-3 styled looks based on your brand image

Photoshoot Styling


Photoshoots are important for any business owner, brand, or creative – and as your brand stylist, my job is to make sure you execute your brand image in every step of the photoshoot process. This does include:

-Creating custom mood boards and photoshoot conception plan to help visualize how to execute your brand in your photoshoot

-Curation of 3 styled looks

-Ons et day of shoot (if outside of STL/ATL additional travel fee will apply)

Event Styling


Special events are something every brand or business owner goes to in order to promote their brand, and as your brand stylist, I will make sure you look the best possible. This does include:

-Creating custom mood boards and event look conception plan to help visualize how to look your best for event day

-Curation of 3 styled looks

-Available day of before the event to help you get ready (if outside of STL/ATL additional travel fee will apply)


My main location is St.Louis, MO (from the Lou & I’m proud!), however, I can service all of the Metro East area as well as Atlanta, GA – and other locations for a travel fee.

Great question! I start all services with a Brand Styling Consultation which helps me determine what service is right for you. All consultations are 1 hour long and are $100. Your consultation fee goes towards any services booked (within 3 months from the original consultation). All consultations can be booked here:

For most services, 2 weeks are needed for my services. If services are needed less than two weeks away, they are subject to a 15% rush fee.

As your brand stylist – I am mainly responsible for ensuring your look directly correlates with the brand image you want to portray which does include recommendations on the aesthetics of your hair, makeup, nails, & location. I can also recommend professionals that you can work with (if needed) based on my network, many of whom offer discounts on their services for being clients of mine!

No. My rate is for the service, expertise, and experience I am providing as your image consultant & brand stylist – it does not include the money to be used to purchase clothing.

This is left up to the customer, depending on the service and requirement needed. If a client wants me to purchase clothes on their behalf, as of Sept 2021, I will authorize a charge based on your approved budget which I will use to shop. If local I can make the purchases which then will be dropped off to you with copies of the receipts. If virtual, I will shop online and have the product sent to your address with a copy of the purchase confirmation. Purchases over budget are preapproved by the client and any overages are billed via invoice at final meeting. Any funds left over are sent back to client.

Because my services are non-refundable, I suggest rescheduling in the event that an emergency comes up. Please note, however, that one reschedule is allowed. If you need to reschedule again after the 1st instance, the service is canceled and the fee will not be refunded, subject to the possibility of not being able to book services in the future. I understand emergencies happen, so please communicate with me so we can work together ☺️.