Brand to WIN! The Ultimate Guide & Workbook for Bloggers, Influencers, & Creative Entrepreneurs


Brand to WIN! is a guide and workbook specifically designed for bloggers influencers, and creative entrepreneurs to help them successfully create their brand and position their brand to WIN!

In this workbook and guide, you will be able to create, from start to finish, a concise, cohesive, and authentic brand in order to set you apart from others in your industry!


*updated as of Sept 8th 2020

Your 52 page workbook includes:

  • prompts to identify your brand and brand identity
  • branding terms every blogger, influencer, and creative entrepreneur needs
  • most common branding mistakes
  • how to position your brand for success
  • how to identify your “dream” client
  • creating SWOT analysis for your competitors
  • identifying your brand adjectives
  • defining your mission statement
  • creating your inspiration board-free Canva access!
  • creating your color palette-free Canva access!
  • creating your brand palette-free Canva access!

You also get access to:

  • a free branding consultation with yours truly!-a $100 value
  • free canva templates including a free inspiration board template, free color palette template, and a free brand palette template!
  • my 7 day branding challenge to help you fast track your branding process
  • my creative Pinterest board which will help you find ideas, examples, and inspiration for logos, color palettes, and overall brand aesthetic examples!