Style Guide: How to Wear a Drop Waist Dress!

ak brown taking photos in st louis mo

Hey fashion friends! Back with another how-to style guide, and today we’re talking about how to wear a drop waist dress. Last style guide – I talked about how to dress your body as an oval-shaped woman, and a drop-waist dress is a great option to try, especially during the Fall! I like a good drop-waist because of the problem we have – our waist measurement isn’t really defined, and bringing attention to that area is hard and tricky.

For me – I’ve realized I need more grown-up pieces in my closet (I promise, I have a whole post dedicated to this). I still love fun, funky, and unique one-off items but I’m almost 31. A lot of what is in my closet was bought during quarantine and frankly – serves me 0 purpose. So in my quest of dressing more maturely, I’ve stumbled upon Never Fully Dressed. Let me say – this post isn’t sponsored but baby I would love to work with Never Fully Dressed because they will be getting money from me each time I get paid! I have never been a “cult fashion” person where I only buy from one place – but I think that is starting to change! They have grown woman pieces in a variety of styles, cuts, and colors – and I’ve always been happy with the pieces I bought from them!

ak brown taking photos in st louis mo
ak brown taking photos in st louis mo

The Tropical Sophie Dress is the perfect solution for bringing color into your Fall wardrobe. The material is soft and elevated, and it has so much movement! This dress also shows a few tips I gave you guys last time – prints, pops of colors, and a voluminous silhouette. It’s the perfect option for the oval-shaped diva.

never fully dressed

Tropical Sophie Dress

ak brown taking photos in st louis mo

I decided to do very minimal accessories since the dress really speaks for itself and focus on my shoes and bag. For my shoes, I wanted to do a silver bootie that I got from Amazon and my Gucci x Balenciaga top handle bag.

Fashion friends – do you love a good drop waist? If so let me know in the comments where you get your pieces from!

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