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The Haute Guide Episode 10: 4 Steps to Brand Yourself As A Fashion Expert

The haute guide podcast episode 10 AK Brown The Fashion Connector

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Happy new podcast episode day fashion friends!

Have y’all heard the tea about the bonus program? Instagram and Facebook are pausing the bonus program that has paid content creators for their reels and engagement. Now – TikTok may be banned as the government says it’s a direct way for China to have access to our data.

Ironically – this comes right around the time where I went on Instagram live on why we as true authorities need to brand ourselves as experts instead of influencers, so we don’t have to rely on an unstable platform for our livelihood – more on that to come with this blog post.

Check it out and comment your thoughts, and if you aren’t already – make sure to follow the show, rate 5 stars, and share with your friends!!!!

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