We Created The Problem Called Kanye West

Y’all – I ain’t been on here with a think piece since Ms. Yonce stole my look (I kid), and I already made a Youtube video on this, but wanted to sit with my thoughts to really wrap my mind around the antics of Kanye West before I came here to express them. Long story short – this man is manic and the question is why isn’t anyone close to him getting him the help he deserves?

If you are unaware of the bullshit that has transpired (and if you are, I’m lowkey jealous of your ability to be tuned out from what goes on in the media), Kanye West, better known as Ye, has had a trickling down decline since he first posted a picture with Candice Owens (the most blackest black person hater ever) in “White Lives Matter” attire at the YZY SZN 9 runway show.

From there, he berated Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, editor at Vogue simply because she called out his disgusting antics at said show, and also stated what should have been said ions ago – about how none of what he showed and produced is “art”. And to top the manic episode off – he then proceeded to make a host of remarks about the validity of how George Floyd died, insinuating that he died from a fentanyl overdose as opposed to police brutality, and a host of antisemitic remarks.

Chile look – there is so much to unpack and partly, I don’t feel qualified to because a lot of this stems from a known, diagnosed, mental disorder that he has. But irregardless of that, Kanye West is someone who should have never been invited into the spaces and places of fashion, and now we’re dealing with the problematic outcome of that. What’s even more disturbing is that companies like Vogue, Adidas, Balenciaga, etc want to stop working with him, but were the same companies who created the problem and continued to promote this man. It took for him to make antisemitic comments for them to say “oh no, we can’t support that” – why? No one gave two rats asses about his toxic comments and opinions when it came to us as Black people, but now that this is hitting a community that undoubtedly, has more power than any of us can imagine – brands and businesses feel the need to cut ties with him. It wasn’t him saying slavery was a choice, him passing out “White Lives Matter” t shirts at a fashion show and to the homeless on Skid Row. It wasn’t him completely disrespecting a Black Vogue Editor, or him dismissing the fact that George Floyd died by police brutality. No – none of those antics were the deciding factor for brands, businesses, and consumers to not support him. It took him making antisemitic remarks for everyone to say “ok, he’s outta here”. It just goes to show that Black lives do not matter in most peoples eyes.

Specifically for fashion brands – we have to stop letting everyone in. The same forces that are now cutting ties are the same forces that gave Kanye whatever he wanted from them: magazine covers, collaboration deals, and creative control over lines. I want fashion houses to return to only letting people in because it makes sense, not because of their clout or status. Being “influential” is not always a good thing, and there is a such a thing as toxic influence, and that is what we are seeing with Kanye.

I don’t know what “creative genius” some people see in him, but all i see if a manic person, who because of his money and statue has been given the platform to say any and everything he wants to, without being held accountable. Furthermore, I feel that this may be a ploy to let Kanye destroy himself. Instead of people within his inner circle intervening and doing some well needed crisis management and PR, maybe this is what people wanted to see from him – the inevitable demise of his brand.

What are your thoughts on the Kanye antics? Let me know in the comments!

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