Why Fashion + Friends Always Go Together


*this post is partly sponsored by Schnucks

It’s always good to take time out of your busy schedule and do what you love. For me, that consists of fashion and friends (sleep too but we’ll talk about that later).

A few weeks ago I hosted my first ever Fashion + Friends brunch! I was in the mood for good food, great conversation with friends, and of course, FASHION! Schnucks played a major part in being instrumental for this brunch. From the food, to the place setting, and even to the flowers and mimosa bar, Schnucks definitely had my back. Because I executed this brunch in all but a week, I used the Schnucks app to help me create a shopping list based on what was available in the store. Once I got inside all I did was check off my items as I got them. I was able to get in and out within 30 minutes and earned points that I can use towards my next purchase!


Our brunch started off with some light networking and bottomless mimosas (we were drunk off our ass by the end of the brunch). Even though all of my attendees were my friends, I wanted everyone to make a connection that they didn’t have before. I’m a big advocate on growing your network and tribe, and this was the perfect sanction to do so.

Next, we dived into our brunch prepared by none other than Ms. Erica Bee (love her!). Like when I say she threw down, SHE THREW DOWN IN THAT MF! Chicken & waffles , a mashtini bar, lobster mac and cheese, eggs, bacon, cinnamon rolls, cheese, crackers, olives, brie, JESUS CHRIST I’m getting hungry just thinking about everything we had to eat!

Then Courtney and I did an impromptu photoshoot outside in her yard.

And to wrap it up, I did a style session where everyone was able to ask me about their fashion and style questions.

Even though this brunch was very much on the casual side, everyone walked away with new connections that they can use in their brands and business and that’s what the ultimate goal was.

Fashion + Friends brunches will be available exclusively under The HauteSpot Network. Haven’t joined yet? What are you waiting for?! Come join here!

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