2019 Planning for Year Long Success!

Can you believe that it’s already November?  Yea me either.  I have been envisioning some great things that I wanna see through for the new year.  I want to expand my reach and build my tribe.  I want to travel more and be seen as the force I know that I am, and all of this comes with planning for 2019.

More and more I am understanding that as a blogger, creative, and overall an entrepreneur, planning is the key to success.  From the most smallest project to the biggest endeavor you will put your all into, planning is what sets apart everyone in the industry, and the time is now for 2019 planning.


♡ helps identify what your primary focus for the year will be

♡ helps clearly outline goals, whether big or small

♡ gives you a sense of organization and a tentative schedule

♡ makes you reflect on your progress


I’m easily seeing that the next 2 months are going to be crucial for my success in 2019.  My goal is to expand, in my content, in my following, and in my influence, and I can’t be able to do that if i don’t plan now.


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