3 Key Components to a Website Audit!


Happy Daylight Savings time!!! Spring is right around the corner which means Spring cleaning – and no I don’t mean for your house, but for your business!

This is the perfect time to do some of those business tasks you’ve put on hold, including updating your site or creating a completely new site! Before you do, you need to do a website audit. A lot of times once we’ve hit published on our website we never go back to see what tweaks or changes we can make to ensure our site is consistently staying up to date and relevant. Anytime that I conduct an audit, either on myself or on a client, I take 3 main components into consideration to figure out what needs to be changed. Those components are:

The Basics

When I mean the basics, I mean things that are easily noticed as soon as someone enters onto your site, such as:

♡ Is your logo or any images noticeably pixelated?

♡ Does it look like your website was done in 5 minutes?

♡ Slow load time aka non responsive.

♡ Does someone have to go through hoops to complete once simple task (ex. be able to send you a contact message)

♡ Multiple misspelled words or design elements that aren’t appealing or attractive.

♡ No clear purpose as to what the website is or what it’s supposed to do.

♡ Again, does it look like your website was done in 5 minutes or done by a child?!

♡ Does your page even work? Sometimes we forget to renew our domain or hosting subscription and we get directed to a blank landing page.

These things, plus many more, are what I and many others use to determine not only the creditability of your site, but if we even want to come back to your site in the future.

SEO Friendly

Your site should be SEO (search engine optimized) at all times. Why? Because this is how you’re found on the internet and how your content ranks on the internet due to relevancy of what you’re talking about. Factors regarding SEO of your content include:

♡ correct and searchable site description

♡ correctly naming your photos

♡ adding in SEO friendly ALT tags to your photos

♡ having SEO friendly titles and keywords strategically throughout your content

Your content could be bomb AF and the most noteworthy piece of content you have ever created, but if it is not SEO friendly, it could easily get knocked out of listings and ranking for content that doesn’t even compare.

Brand Cohesion

Ok…I AM SICK AND TIRED of entrepreneurs launching websites and it looks like the color wheel threw the ENTIRE the **** up on the page. If you got to the point of creating and PUBLISHING a web page, you should have taken the time out to consider branding elements before even getting to that point, such as:

♡ typography (fonts)

♡ color scheme (main color and accent colors)

♡ a logo THAT MAKES SENSE, plus additional logos to interchange in your website

♡ how elements of your home page and entire website look to your readers eye

These may seem like small details, but small details add up to big problems if not addressed, and big problems can lead to money lost…and we never want that now do we!

So! In order to help you mainstream the daunting process of auditing your website, I have created a much needed and FREE Website Audit Checklist!

This checklist gives you 5 pages of actionable tasks to check on to see if your site is all good or needs some work, and again…it’s free!

[convertful id=”29452″]

If you still feel like you need an extra set of eyes to help you with your website audit, I’m that girl! You can easily schedule your own website audit with me here!

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