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4 Platforms For Personal Stylists & Fashion Influencers to Build Their Business!

Emerging fashion stylists and influencers: if you’re deciding on platforms to help manage clients, increase commissions, and stay organized – I’m here with the recommendations!

Last week I told you guys how to build your portfolio, and today we’re talking about the ways you can build your foundational, operations, and CRM to really set you apart from other stylists. All of the recommendations below I have personally used, so you know I will not steer you wrong!

Hue & Stripe

Hue & Stripe was the platform I used when I was heavy in personal styling. They made it easy to have everything in one place instead of having different/separate systems. Even as a creative director and editorial stylist I still see use in this platform.


  • Branded Client Questionnaire & Invoices
  • Client Profiles
  • Shoppable Lookbooks & Virtual Closets
  • Product Clipper
  • Canva Integration
  • Retail Partnerships for Affiliate/Commission Opportunities
  • Facebook Community


  • $85 a month

How to Sign Up

Contact Craig Nordstrom at craig@hueandstripe.com or click here to request a demo (make sure to tell them AK sent you)


Garmentier is a great platform for stylists based in New York or LA that wants the flexibility of in person perks to pair with their styling experience for their clients.

  • Client Profiles
  • Lookbooks
  • Virtual Wardrobe
  • Retail Partnerships for Affiliate/Commission Opportunities
  • Physical & Virtual Pulls from Partner Brands
  • Custom Clothing
  • Branded Invoicing
  • Custom “ID” Card


  • $59 a month for Basic Membership
  • $79 a month for Premium Membership
  • $99 a month for All Access + Custom Clothing

How to Sign Up

Sign up for your demo here!


ShopShare is what I’ve gravitated towards recently and absolutely love it! Coming from someone from the Polyvore years that still wants an easy way to share what I wear with my audience, ShopShare is the best platform for this! I will be doing an in depth review on them in the next couple of weeks.

  • Custom Shopping Videos for Clients
  • Private Client Channels
  • Virtual Wardrobe
  • Screen Recorder
  • Product Clipper
  • Retail Partnerships for Affiliate/Commission Opportunities
  • Social Media Integration


  • $9.99 a month for Essential Membership with a 14 day free trial
  • $29.99 a month for Growth Membership with a 14 day free trial

How to Sign Up

Click here!


Now this is not a platform, more so a tool for stylists. Modesens makes sure you are getting the best deal on the items you purchase online. This way – when you recommend items to your clients, you know you are getting them the best deal. Click here to sign up!

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