7 Black Manufacturers to Consider to Produce Your Product Line!

As growing concerns arise for manufacturing options given our global supply chain crisis (my thoughts and opinions coming soon) – there needs to be a focus on stateside manufacturing.

Yes, in prior years it cost more to produce your products in the USA and it was easier to import from other countries like China. But because of certain individuals taunting an already difficult relationship between us and certain countries, we are not only experiencing higher fees to produce products, but less than decent quality, and now halted shipping because of our global pandemic.

I’m here to tell you that it’s time to include at least 1 stateside manufacturer into your plan, and if you’re going to do that – you need to go Black! Here are 7 Black manufacturing companies that you can use to bring your product line to life!

1. Shon Simon Co

Shon Simon Co is a Black Owed US Manufacturing company that specializes in custom design for all brand needs. As one of the fastest-growing independent manufacturers in the state of California, Shon Industries’ mission is to provide timeless, quality merchandise that reflects the essence of each brand with excellence. 

They are able to help brands with fabric sourcing, pattern making, and sample building.

2. Eco Tech Visions

Focused on sustainability, EcoTech Visions is Miami’s first green incubator and maker-space.
They assist entrepreneurs in creating, planning, and launching innovative and “green” manufacturing businesses in South Florida by offering high-quality business resources, maker space, office space, and event space to support the development of products made with recycled materials.

3. Charlton & Lola

Something i never even thought of – creating your own fine jewelry line, and that’s why Charlton & Lola exists! Charlton & Lola is a bespoke fine jewelry experience that creates one-of-a-kind jewels with clients who desire to imagine and create their own fine jewelry pieces. They specialize in wedding fine jewelry and custom private label pieces.


4. Funlayo Grace

Funlayo Grace provides project development, project management and other unique and impactful services that support economic, social and physical gains in black and brown communities – and also has a really dope shop as well!

5. SoHarlem

A fully functional manufacturing plant who’s mission is to create equitable opportunities in Harlem through cultural industries workforce development. They provide We provide training to under/unemployed local residents at no cost, professional development for emerging local artisans looking for mentorship, and made-to-measure services for one of a kind garments.

6. Seed 2 Shirt

Seed 2 Shirt is the first black-woman-owned vertically integrated apparel manufacturing & print on demand company in the US. Our products are ethically and sustainably manufactured from cotton/material from African, and African-American cotton farmers, produced at are small batch production centers in the US and Africa. 

7. Fache Apparel

Named the First Black-Owned & Operated Full Service Apparel Manufacturer in the United States, Fache Apparel specializes in manufacturing fashion brands for aspiring designers as well as small businesses.

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