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Tennis are my go to shoe, period. I am the most laziness productive person on the planet (trust me it makes sense). I love me a dope tennis shoe. I’m the girl that’s getting some FILA disruptors customize. For me, I can easily build my outfit around my tennis, that’s how I get inspired.

Now the trend is pairing chunky trainer tennis with skirts and dresses. Most people think the trend is stupid, but they’re not me, and I obviously love the trend, pairing my multi colored trainers with this very eclectic velvet skirt. I literally can go from work to the bar without having to change!

V-Neck Sweater: Target-$14.99

Velvet Skirt: Target (sold out)

Leather Jacket: Target-$38.00

Earrings: Target-$12.99

Faux Fur Bag: Target (sold out)

Tennis Shoes: Posh Shoe Bar

How are you rockin’ those tennis this season? What are some of your favorite brands? Comment below and let me know!

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