Style Guide: Easy, Breezy, & Flowy Dresses You Need for Your Summer Wardrobe


I know it’s hard to believe, being on house arrest and all with the ‘rona, but it’s SUMMER! I feel like our entire Spring was non existent, so a-lot of dresses I had planned for Spring have easily transitioned into my summer wardrobe.

I saw this dress from H&M and immediately fell in love. I think every girl should own a full and voluminous dress. It flowy, fun, and flatters the body even though it’s so full of volume.

As far as the shoes – these weren’t the original shoes I planned (that’s the magic to my outfits ok yall, I’m dropping gems). I had to run to the car and put in the closest shoes I could find, walked by the mirror, and was like – hmmm, mkay this a lewk honey! I love the iridescent finish these boots have and how they hit the sun.

Trend Inspo

There are so many flowy dress options out there, a lot on sale/available for a good deal! Check out my curated picks below:





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