Stylist Corner: 5 Things You Need for Your Next Photoshoot!


Fashion bloggers & stylists, photoshoots are the most fun yet annoying and nerve racking activity EVER!  Like, I have to mentally prepare for a photoshoot because of the prep work it takes if you want your shoot to be flawless.  I’ve learned from my 6 years of blogging and experience as a stylist some helpful tools everyone should invest in to make your next photoshoot go off without a hitch!


If you’re like me, you try to cram in as many outfits as possible.  I don’t have the time to schedule shoots each week so I have to get as much in as possible.  I’ve found the easiest is to get a spacious, durable suitcase.  Luckily, I just upgraded my luggage as my first “big girl” purchase and found myself loving everything from Calpak.  Now Calpak can be a bit pricey, however I use this luggage for shoots and for traveling so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!



Now this is a suggesting I got from my fab friend Courtney of Closet Connoisseurs.  Like a dummy, I would change in my car or outside, damn near naked for strangers to see.  She uses a pop up tent for her clients which is a genius idea!  It’s portable to stick in the car or in your suitcase and when you’re ready to use it, POP IT UP!!!  Now you and your clients have privacy when changing at different locations.



These will come in handy if you’re doing a shoot for a brand for company, or if you’re shooting multiple clients at once.  Your clothes bags will definitely come in handy when transporting clothes, and if you’re borrowing clothes from a boutique, this is definitely a must.  The collapsIble rolling rack is great to keep in the truck of your car so you can whip it out at any moment’s notice.


There are some affordable yet high powered steamers available, which gives no one the excuse to not have one.  Portable steamers are so small that you can pack it in a suitcase or even your purse if need be, and while you’re at it, throw a lint roller in as well.


Now when I mean a makeup case, I don’t mean one of those itty bitty little bags that you get as a gift set for purchasing $75 at Macy’s.  I also don’t mean a trunk full of makeup.  Most of us aren’t MUA’s and there’s no reason why we would have all of that makeup at a photoshoot.  I suggest getting the Sonia Kashuk Hard Top Makeup Trunk.  I bought this for myself last year and absolutely love it!  It’s very spacious for you to carry multiple foundations, sponges, brushes, palettes, and more.  There’s even a removable compartment for you to store jewelry!!!  This is convenient enough to carry around during a shoot for touch up or stick it in a duffle bag or a suitcase.

I hope these tools will help you in your quest of having amazing photoshoots, they sure have helped me! And for an added bonus, you can download my Fashion Blogger’s Guide to Photoshoots FREE in the Black Rack Vault!

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