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The Best Fashion Podcasts To Add To Your Library

Ever since I got on and stayed on the podcast train, I’ve been obsessed! Obviously, I know my podcast The Haute Guide is the perfect selection for all of my fashion professionals, creatives, & students – but there are so many others that are worth a listen, check them out below!:

Crash Course Fashion


“A podcast hosted by Brittany Sierra, Crash Course Fashion, explores the intricate relationship between sustainability, business, and fashion, navigating the ongoing journey and multifaceted challenges of advancing toward sustainability in an industry driven by constant change, supply chain complexities, and ever-evolving consumer demands.”

Clothing Couture

Fashion Industry Insider, fashion business

“Conversations with fashion industry innovators and disruptors discussing solutions to real industry challenges.”

Lets Talk About Fashion

Fashion news, trends, style tips

“Let’s Talk about Fashion is a fashion-themed podcast all about what I’m most passionate about – fashion, personal style, and creative expression. In each episode, I’ll chat about the latest in fashion news and trends, what I’m obsessing over lately, and share some style tips. Occasionally, you’ll get to meet a special guest who I’ll interview about their obsession with fashion, their personal style, and what’s been catching their eye lately.
Welcome to Let’s Talk About Fashion!”

Boutique Business With Jance Chartae

fashion business & entrepreneurship

“E-commerce expert Jance Chartae (Founder of Brazen Boutique, CEO of The Boutique Academy) opens up about her experiences as a boutique owner. Dedicating every episode of her podcast to a different story with a lesson for listeners to learn from.”

Black Fashion History

Fashion history/culture

“A fashion history podcast celebrating the past and present contributions of black people around the world to the fashion industry. It’s black history, but make it fashion! Hosted by Taniqua Martin.”

Nothing To Wear

style tips

“The show that knows the right outfit has the power to transform your mood and your confidence. Hosted by Mamamia’s Leigh Campbell and the style collective, women of all shapes, ages and styles will help you figure out what to buy, how to wear it and how to feel great in it. No topic is off limits. If you can wear it, we will talk about it.”

Fashion Designers Get Paid

Fashion business, fashion career advice, fashion entrepreneurship, fashion industry insider

“This is a show for burnt-out fashion designers (and TDs, PDs, patternmakers and beyond) who want more flexibility while still doing work they love. As a freelance fashion designer, you can build your fashion career on your own terms. Freelancing in fashion is the only way to get freedom in your day (instead of being tied to a desk). Whether you want to earn extra money on the side, fund your fashion brand, or replace your salary, the FDGP podcast will help you get there. Listen in for actionable tips and strategies to kickstart or grow your career as a freelance fashion designer, build your confidence, and create the life you want. Hosted by $100k+ fashion freelancer Sew Heidi, the show features interviews and strategy sessions with successful freelance fashion designers from around the world who’ve ditched toxic fashion jobs and taken control of their own destinies. This is the only place to get REAL insights from REAL freelancers who have built REAL careers on their own terms. (Formerly the Successful Fashion Freelancer podcast.)”

Black Style Anecdotes

STYLE TIPS, fashion industry insider, culture

“Black women are the architects of style. We set trends and everyone else follows. Join me each week as I chat with stylish Black women about everything from their earliest style memory, to how their career affects their style, to their current favorite style trends, and much more!”

What Are You Wearing?


“The podcast for your wardrobe that drops every Thursday, for fashion tips and styling suggestions that work for everybody’s needs.”


Sustain This


“Welcome to Sustain This! A slow fashion podcast  that’s about so much more than clothes. Join us every Tuesday as your hosts Alyssa, Christina and Signe chat all things mindful consumption, personal style and the quest for building a more intentional life…and wardrobe! Alyssa Beltempo is a sustainable stylist, Christina Mychas, a shopaholic turned minimalist-ish, and Signe Hansen is a colour consultant and slow fashion style coach. Together we will unpack the nuances of what it really means be a conscious consumer & find more joy in what we have right now. Let’s go!”

The Haute Guide (Obviously)


“The Haute Guide has answers to all of your industry-related questions and challenges on how to get started in the fashion industry, find your way, and how to define what your version of success is!
Each and every Thursday AK will decode, debrief and spill all the tea on how to navigate in this industry. Whether you’re trying to start a fashion business, find your dream fashion career, or simply get confirmation that your passion for fashion isn’t crazy, The Haute Guide is literally here to help you along the way!”


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