The Collaboration No One Wants: The Epic Fail of Tiffany & Co x Nike

Baby no.

What are these is the question that has circulated over the past few days. When it was announced that Tiffany & Co x Nike were collaborating on a shoe, I had high hopes because it was the potential to marry a classic, elite brand in fashion, known for their elegance to one of the most notable shoe brands in the industry. What they gave us was the piss poor bare minimum.

Like why do these brands keep playing in our faces?

To put it into perspective, this collaboration consists of a black suede Air Force One, with the classic black sole, and the signature Tiffany blue colored check. That’s it. The design is classic but lacking the creativity that could have been put into the design, especially for the price point they are setting this at – between $250-$475 depending on the add ons.

Like am I missing something or is this a joke?

credit: HypeBeast

I definitely see this collaboration being a more price conscious shoe, but I don’t think they are marketing this to the correct audience. Per FastCompany – this collaboration is hoping to reach the younger generation, hints the simplistic and more affordable price point. But there’s a few misses that trump that hope of reaching said audience. The age range of a majority of Tiffany’s customer base is between 28-54, aka millennials and the early Get X. The younger generation Tiffany and Nike hope to attract are not customers of the Tiffany brand, therefore – If you aren’t familiar with Tiffany & Co, you probably wouldn’t even know this was a collaborative effort.

More importantly, anyone can go on Nike ID and create their own shoe, down to the thread, probably for the same price point or cheaper than what this will run for, Nike has executed collaborations before with more attention to detail and the overall brand they’re collaborating with, like the infamous Ben & Jerry Dunks, the Riccardo Tisci Air Force Boots, or the Acronym Lunar Air Force One – and it’s been proven that true sneaker heads will spend BANDS on dope collaborations that are executed with innovative creativity.

This – was bullshit.

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