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The Haute Guide Episode 22: Can I Vent, Quick Tips to Elevate Your Fashion Content, and Conversations With Ritzy Glitzy Spider!

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Hey fashion friends! Welcome back to another episode of The Haute Guide! Today I had to use this episode as a quick venting session – because we’re friends right? (right)

As a creative/entrepreneur – we be going through really high highs, and some really LOW lows, and these past two weeks have been it. So lets talk about it.

I also give some quick tips on how to elevate your fashion content, and most importantly – I’m talking to Missy aka Ritzy Glitzy Spider on everything from having her looks on some of your favorite celebs like Jhonnie Blaze, Lil Mama, & Khia, her viral video with ThatBoyFunny, and how she’s paving her own way with her futuristic wearable art!

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